Detoxification, Dr. Zimmerman uses the Detox 360°™ Process​, a four week detoxification program offered by Apex Energetics that provides:

  • Dietary support of the body’s detox processes, emphasizing whole foods and eliminating known inflammatory and allergenic foods
  • Elimination diet support followed by food reintroduction
  • Lifestyle practices, such as regular exercise, healthy sleep habits, peat baths, etc. that support detoxification
  • Support of liver detox pathways
  • Stimulating kidneys, lymphatics, and liver through physician-formulated homeopathic drainage formulas
  • Personalized supplement, medication, and lifestyle prescription
  • Acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy
  • Additionally, we tailor for you at least four IV nutritional and antioxidant therapy infusions

“Ultra-wellness” Lesson 5